Brazilian Ground Coffee 8oz- The Foundry Coffee Roasting Co

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What is the Foundry?

The Foundry Coffee Roasting Co. is a farm-to-cup specialty coffee roasting company based in Huntsville, Al. We source green coffee which positively impacts the farm communities and empowers us to serve a responsible cup, and we roast on the first, AND ONLY, commercial zero-emissions coffee roaster. There is a story to share about the farmer behind every cup, and every coffee we sell is traceable to its place of origin. We partner with incredible importers and green buyers who travel to origin to develop direct relationships with farmers so we can provide you access to the people who grow the coffee and share their stories on our online marketplace. You can learn about the farm, family, and operation, as well as what they care about when it comes to their own business on The Foundry's website.

The Brazil Paubrasil has all the classic attributes of a delicious coffee from Cerrado Mineiro: creamy, sweet, mellow acidity, and full of dried fruit, chocolate and toasted nut. As an espresso, this coffee will produce a thick, syrupy shot with plenty of crema. As a drip coffee, expect a round, sweet, and chocolatey cup.

Flavor notes of Dried Cherry, Chocolate and Almond. A bean from Cerrado, Patos de Minas - Minas Gerais, Brazil

8oz Medium Roast Brazillian Ground Coffee