CSA Food Box

A farmers market delivered to your door showcasing the very best of seasonal goods. Grown naturally, sustainably, locally and curated with care.


You will receive one dozen pasture raised eggs. Pasture-raised means they are free to roam and forage for grass and bugs, and are supplemented with a balanced feed for a robust diet. Compared to factory eggs, pasture-raised eggs have more vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E. Eggs are a staple for most of our workers, we all love them!

You will receive 1 package (1Lb) of ground chicken. From pasture raised chickens with a non-gmo supplemental diet. Pasture raised birds are never given antibiotics or synthetic hormones and pastures are never treated with pesticides.

An easy alternative to ground beef, it can be subbed in most recipes. We love it for meatballs or even in stir frys. Last year one of our CSA members shared their chicken and feta burger recipe, we hope you try it.


You will receive 1 package of ground beef. Our 1lb packages are from pasture raised, grass fed cattle. A kitchen staple our ground beef tends to be more lean than most.

Add some flair to a weeknight meal by serving up this Thai Beef Salad.


You will receive a combination of any of the following seasonal farm fresh produce this week

We are a beyond organic, permaculture farm and availability may change by the time we send you your CSA . We strive to provide you with what we have planned this week, but if something changes, we will upload this change before you receive your CSA. We send out only top quality produce, but due to our zero chemical policy, a little marring may occur on products. These vegetables/fruit are still beautiful and delicious


Summer Squash- Zucchini

High in vitamin A and antioxidants this traditional green zuchinni has a mild flavor that is slightly sweet, making it a versatile kitchen staple. 

Make sure zuchinni is dry, place in a brown paper or breathable mesh bag, and store in the crisper drawer of your fridge.

Slicing Cucumbers

Harvested early for the crispiest and sweetest flavor, cucumbers have a cool and melon-like flavor. Great for quick pickling, sliced into salads and sandwiches OR great for snacking! Wrap each cucumber in paper towels to absorb moisture. Place them in a sealed container or zip-top bag and keep in fridge. Our tip, cucumbers are prone to cold damage, store them near the front of your fridge where it is warmer.

Green Beans

Best stored, unwashed and dry in the crisper drawer of your fridge in a resealable container to keep longer.

Great with lemon and garlic. Trim beans and sat a pot of water, bring to boil. Once boiled add trimmed green beans, and par-cook for 2 minutes. Drain beans, add to ice bath to halt cooking. Add 2 tbsps of butter, 3 minced garlic cloves into a skillet. Melt over medium-high heat and cook until fragrant. Add green beans, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1/2 tsp of salt to pan and sute for 5 minutes.

Summer Squash- Crookneck

Known for their buttery flavor and firm texture. Great for slicing and pan frying or roasting. Store like you would a zucchini.


Use your honey and ground chicken for these tasty hot honey drizzled meatballs.

Sustainable Delivery Policy

Please remember to have a cooler out on the day of your delivery for our drivers to place your CSA items into. This allows us to have less waste each delivery. If you would like to be part of our bag exchange program please click the link below.

OUR TIP: Leave some frozen water bottles in the bottom of you cooler as an easy to use ice pack. This will help keep your goodies as fresh as possible.



Here are our top picks of farm goods this week. Anything from our add on store can be purchased and brought with your CSA delivery. Orders must be placed by 3pm the day before your expected delivery, with the exception of Monday deliveries.

Add-on orders to be delivered Monday must be placed by 3pm the Friday before your delivery

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