CSA Food Box

A farmers market delivered to your door showcasing the very best of seasonal goods. Grown naturally, sustainably, locally and curated with care.


You will receive one dozen pasture raised eggs. Pasture-raised means they are free to roam and forage for grass and bugs, and are supplemented with a balanced feed for a robust diet. Compared to factory eggs, pasture-raised eggs have more vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E.

A classic greek pie, spanakopita is an impressive savory dish, that is easy to make.

We will also be sending you a sample size of our Duncan Farms Egg seasoning. Great on scrambled eggs, in quiche or even on chicken!


You will receive 1 package of ground beef. Our 1lb packages are from pasture raised, grass fed cattle. A kitchen staple our ground beef tends to be more lean than most.

You will receive a min. of 1lb premium pastured steak cuts. Our cattle are grassfed, pasture raised with no added hormones .

Pasture raised cattle are known to be packed full of higher amounts of vitamin B, A & E and antioxidants compared to grain fed beef. It is also known to contain lower levels of saturated fat than traditionally grain fed cattle.

While we recommend eating steaks chargrilled, there are lots of different ways to cook with steak, like this garlic honey stir fry!


You will receive a combination of any of the following seasonal farm fresh product this week

We are a beyond organic, permaculture farm and availability may change by the time we send you your CSA . We strive to provide you with what we have planned this week, but if something changes, we will upload this change before you receive your CSA. We send out only top quality produce, but due to our zero chemical policy, a little marring may occur on products. These vegetables/fruit are still beautiful and delicious. This weeks selection are dragon or mokum carrots, butternut squash, lunchbox peppers, fennel.


Butternut Squash

Fall has arrived! Best stored in a cool, dry place like a pantry. The ideal storage temperature is between 50 & 60. Low in calories and high in vitamins butternut squash are amazing roasted and eaten as a side, or made into a hearty soup.



A mixture of dragon or mokum carrots. Loaded with beta-carotene and vitamin a, farm fresh carrots are deliciously earthy and sweet.

Carrot tops should be cut off and stored separately in the fridge from the roots of the carrot. Wrap in a paper towel and place carrots into an airtight container in your fridge. Wrap the greens in a towel and place in your crisper drawer.

Try using the greens! The greens have a taste similar to parsley, but are more earthy. Use stalks/leaves to flavor stocks or use the leaves in this chimichurri recipe. Make sure you wash and clean the greens before using. 

Noodle Bean AKA Yard Long Bean

Often mistaken for a hull pea, noodle beans do not to be shelled for their peas. They are eaten for their stringless pods, and taste more like asparagus than a bean or pea. They are full of nutrition and keep most of their color when cooked.

Best stored in a ziptop, sealable bag.

Parcook in boiling salt water for 3 minutes. Remove from water and stir fry them with oil, and minced garlic for about 2 minutes. Finish with a splash of soy sauce and lime juice. Finish wtih sesame seeds.


A bulbing vegetable that can be cooked in as many recipes and is as versatile as a carrot. Fennel has a mild anise or licorice flavor. The bulb can be eaten raw or cooked, when roasted fennel becomes very sweet. Bulb can be sliced, diced, cut into wedges. Roasted, used in soups or eaten raw thinly sliced in salads with bitter greens. Fennel fronds look like dill, they are a delicate garnish and can be treated as a fresh herb. Cut tough stalks away from root and fronds ( they can be used in soups) and store all three pieces separately in sealed containers in the fridge.

Sustainable Delivery Policy

As per our policy update, please remember to have a cooler out on the day of your delivery for our drivers to place your CSA items into. This allows us to have less waste each delivery.

OUR TIP: Leave some frozen water bottles in the bottom of you cooler as an easy to use ice pack. This will help keep your goodies as fresh as possible.

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