CSA Food Box

A farmers market delivered to your door showcasing the very best of seasonal goods. Grown naturally, sustainably, locally and curated with care.


You will receive two dozen pasture raised eggs. Pasture-raised means they are free to roam and forage for grass and bugs, and are supplemented with a balanced feed for a robust diet. Compared to factory eggs, pasture-raised eggs have more vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E.

Allison, one of our coworkers, made a pavlova for one of our farm team lunches earlier this year. We are still dreaming about them, it's a fun way to use eggs!


You will receive 1 package of ground beef. Our 1lb packages are from pasture raised, grass fed cattle. A kitchen staple our ground beef tends to be more lean than most.

You will receive 1 lb of our ground chicken. From non-gmo, pesticide, and hormone free chickens. Dark and white meat are ground to perfection, and can be used in any recipe ground beef is used in.

Try this easy and quick Ground Sesame Chicken Recipe


You will receive a combination of any of the following seasonal farm fresh product this week.

We are a beyond organic, permaculture farm and availability may change by the time we send you your CSA . We strive to provide you with what we have planned this week, but if something changes, we will upload this change before you receive your CSA. We send out only top quality produce, but due to our zero chemical policy, a little marring may occur on products. These vegetables/fruit are still beautiful and delicious


Farmers Choice Salad

Mini heads of fresh, crisp salad. Best stored in a sealed container with paper towels to keep dry and in crisper drawer of fridge.


A native grape to the south, it's flesh is rich and thick, with an intense sweetness like a Concord grape. They have a tough spicy skin that tastes like plums. Great for fresh eating, made into jellies or jams and even wine. 

We have a small muscadine orchard here on the farm, with golden and purple varieties. They are bet stored unwashed, in a ziptop bag and should last over a week in your fridge. Our favorite way to eat them is fresh, just watch out for the seeds in the interior.


Great in salads, as a snack, or pickled. Best stored in a plastic zip-top bag with a damp, folded paper towel at the bottom in your fridge's crisper drawer, with tops removed. 

Lunchbox Peppers

These mini sized peppers are remarkably sweet and flavorful. Please note, that while they may look similar to jalapenos, they have no heat. Depending on harvest, you can recieve a mixture of green, yellow, red or orange peppers. They are great for snacking, delicious sauteed or added to a salad. Best stored in a closed container or sealable bag in the crisper drawer of your fridge.


A true southern staple, okra is great fried, pickled or added to gumbo. Try pan frying it whole with chili oil( just enough to coat the pan, and a pinch of salt. Fry until soft and charred lightly.

Best stored in a paper bag or wrapped in a paper towel in a mesh bag in the fridge.

Noodle Beans

Often mistaken for a hull pea, noodle beans do not need to be shelled for their peas. They are eaten for their stringless pods, and taste more like asparagus than a bean or pea. They are full of nutrition and keep most of their color when cooked.

Best stored in a ziptop, sealable bag.

Parcook in boiling salt water for 3 minutes. Remove from water and stir fry them with oil, and minced garlic for about 2 minutes. Finish with a splash of soy sauce and lime juice. Finish with sesame seeds.

Sustainable Delivery Policy

As per our policy update, please remember to have a cooler out on the day of your delivery for our drivers to place your CSA items into. This allows us to have less waste each delivery.
OUR TIP: Leave some frozen water bottles in the bottom of you cooler as an easy to use ice pack. This will help keep your goodies as fresh as possible.

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