What is the CSA schedule?

Group Zip Code Next Delivery Day Following Delivery Day
Monday A 35748, 35750, 35759, 35761
Tuesday A 35803
Wednesday A 35741, 35805, 35810, 35811, 35816
Thursday A 35763
Friday A 35802
Monday B 35758
Tuesday B 35756, 35824
Wednesday B 35611, 35613, 35614, 35749, 35773
Thursday B 35801
Friday B 35757, 35806

When will I be contacted about my CSA membership?

After you sign up you'll receive an email and your first delivery on the delivery date that coincides with the chart above. If you don't receive the email immediately after signing up please send us an email at duncanfarmsllc@gmail.com and let us know so that we can make sure you can receive the emails from website system.

How do I skip my next order?

If you have already paid for your next order and want to skip it, please contact us as soon as possible to get a refund for that order.

If you have not yet paid for your next order and want to skip it, please visit your My Subscriptions page and click the "skip" button.

Either method requires 48 hours notice before your next scheduled CSA delivery.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You can do so by visiting your My Subscriptions page and click the "cancel" button.

If you cancel and have already paid for a CSA that has not been delivered yet, it is still scheduled to be delivered. If you do not want to receive that order, please contact us as soon as possible to get a refund for that order. If you still want to receive that order, then you will still receive it!

Either way, we require 48 hours notice before your next scheduled CSA delivery.

Can I substitute items?

Unfortunately being a small farm, we are unable to customize for every customer. We do ask for all customers to notify us of any allergies. Our first step towards customization is allowing our gluten free/celiac members to opt out of these products. We hope to find a solution to help provide a better service to you to allow more of these in the future!

How will I know what is in my CSA?

Each week we send out a newsletter that tells you know what's coming in your CSA. We also include recipes related to the products we're giving you that week, and also provide the ability for you to order off our addon store at any time if you need something else.

Do you send out reminders and what time of day should I expect my delivery?

We use a software program that allows us to send you an e-mail the night before that allows you to track your order in real time. This e-mail will serve as a reminder for you to put out your cooler in the morning and to give you a two hour delivery window. We do run ahead of schedule, so please make sure your cooler is out before that time frame.

Are all the products from your farm?

The bulk of all food we sell is grown at our farm in Gurley. We also rent acreage off farm, and have begun work with other philosophically aligned farms in the area to provide diversity in our product lines, pair quality products (ie cheese with our burger meat) for the best customer experience, and help create a strong community of local growers.

Where/how do you process your meat?

We work with an Amish family in Paris, TN and another family in South Alabama, but recently they've been heavily booked and we've also started using a custom processor in KY (about a 3 hour drive from the farm). We personally vet these facilities, know the owners, and work hard to ensure that our animals are treated well. Happy animals make happy meat, and we appreciate our relationship with these butchers and the high quality they produce.

Can I visit your shop/farm?

Yes! We are currently following COVID standard safety practices and ask that you please social distance and wear a mask when visiting the farm shop. Our farm shop is open every weekend from 10AM-4PM, and during the week by appointment only. Please e-mail Kaitlin (duncanfarmsllc@gmail.com) if you have any questions.