Gardens Sustainable & Natural

At Duncan Farms we are not only passionate about giving you nutritionally dense and delicious food, but also the impact that our farm has holistically within the community. The United States is losing soil 10 times faster than it's being replenished due to a number of factors including over farming, and land development. 

Regenerative Agriculture 

We are here trying to heal our land by focusing on regenerative agriculture utilizing multiple methods including permaculture, no till and polyculture gardens. We have spent the last season (2021-2022)  moving to a low/no-till garden. We currently have .64 acres in growing space for our mixed produce gardens containing just about 150 garden beds!  We are also utilizing a polyculture production system while designing our growing schedule that focusses on crop rotation, cover crops, biodiversity and soil nutrition. Not only is this helping sequester carbon, our practices of no-till and cover cropping are producing healthier soils, reducing water pollution AND providing you with more nutrient dense produce and proteins. 

Beyond Organic and Sustainability

We like to think of ourselves  as 'beyond organic'. The reason being, organic farming practices don't necessarily line up with sustainable or healthy practices. We consider every decision we make, even the organic methods we use here at the farm.  Conventional organic sprays like copper and neem can be damaging to the lands and beneficial insects, so we choose to not use these types of organic sprays. 

By focusing on regenerative agriculture and permaculture design, we are actively making choices at every entry level on the farm. Our gardens never come in contact with any synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or fungicides that could be deemed as harmful in the production of the food on our farm . We care deeply about what we are putting on our land and utilize hard work and diligence as preventative measures for insect and weed pressure. You can often find our workers cultivating each one of our 150 garden beds and hand weeding them individually. 

Our sustainability efforts don't just stop with the growing of our produce. We took a long look at our packaging, and have tried to reduce as much plastic as we can in the packaging of our produce. We moved from conventional plastic pints and boxes to a sustainable produce container a few years ago.  These containers are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and made in America. We have a solar panel that provides electricity to our farm and we utilize a pressure driven well irrigation system to water our plants. 

Everything on the farm in part of a system and we nourish the ground in every way that we can.