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Job Description

Duncan Farms is hiring a head groundskeeper to maintain the property and improve the landscape. Hours and schedule are generally flexible as long as tasks are completed. Bonuses available. You will also get to work with people who really care about the land and creating a local food chain at one of the only permaculture farms in the area!

You must enjoy being outdoors, enjoy the heat, and enjoy working hard at a fast pace. You must be able to fix a variety of things on a farm, maintain a great attitude, have a reasonable ability to operate email/excel sheets, and a genuine interest and passion for creating an agricultural paradise for the community.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintaining lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, turf,  irrigation and spreading mulch. 
  • Trimming trees, hedges and shrubs, and preventing and eliminating weeds naturally. 
  • Operating and maintaining hand tools, such as saws and shovels efficiently.
  • Maintain the trails, fencing, and common areas
  • Weed, mow, weed eat, plant, and trim to create beautiful and safe space for tours
  • Cleaning, maintenance, power washing, and infrastructure repair as needed
  • Maintain Vehicles
  • Plant, harvest and wash vegetables and fruit

What a Normal Work Week Looks Like

  • Planning, scheduling tasks around maintenance
  • Clean common areas, working irrigation, planting, weeding
  • Mowing, weed eating
  • Orchard trimming
  • Hanging berries
  • Keeping all fences and fence lines in working order
  • Making sure lights/buildings/misc are in working order always


Compensation range depends on education and experience. 

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $32,000/year

How to Apply

Submit resume to