Volunteer and Farm School Program

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Located in Gurley, Alabama, Duncan Farms is a real working permaculture farm. Our mission is to supply our local community with wholesome, fresh organic produce and pasture raised protein sources raised and grown here on the farm and with other local farmers in our community. We are looking to educate our community about sustainable farming, sustainable food production, and why making conscious decisions concerning household waste is important for our planet. 

Farm School Program Coming Soon!

This 2022 season we will be offering a farm school program, with paid classes, and also a voluntary program for farm work including but not limited to building gardens from the ground up, planting, harvesting, animal paddock care and forest restoration projects. We hope that by allowing the community to experience a working organic permaculture farm we can encourage a shift in the current dynamic when it comes to how we produce sustainable food sources while nurturing the land we are occupying.

If this is something that you are passionate about, we encourage you to contact us for our volunteer program. We ask that you let us know your interests so we can assign you tasks that you are interested in. Volunteer tasks that we focus on:

  • Gardening ---includes, but not limited to, preparing new garden beds, planting, weeding and harvesting 
  • Paddock care--helping build or restore current and new paddocks for animal welfare. Includes, but not limited to, fence work, seeding, weeding, cleaning, general maintenance
  • Forest restoration--includes, but not limited to, clean-up, seeding, fallen tree removal
  • Vermiculture and Compost 
  • Any other interests that you may find helpful for us 

We will have paid classes on more streamlined learning experiences on topics like the following:

  • Beekeeping --Hive Tours 2022
  • Growing Organic Vegetable Plants 
  • Organic Pest and Disease Control for Backyard Gardens
  • How-to Compost
  • Herb Gardening and Drying 
  • Meat Processing 
  • Egg Layer Care and Maintenance using Organic Methods 
  • Nutritional Education on Food Sources for Animals  
  • Farm to Table Nights 
  • Floral Workshops 
  • Children's classes; growing, fairy gardens, general farm education and why sustainable farming is important 

We hope that with the local community we can help nurture a sustainable way to eat gorgeous, nutritious food and create a community that understands the need to steward and help bring the land to the way it should be.

Join us here at the farm where fresh, local and responsible is our mantra.

Sign up Today for our Volunteer Program!

  Paid Farm School Classes for 2022 to be announced soon. 


Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear, or bring with me? 

On your first day photo identification for any volunteer not requiring a parental guardian signature is required. We are a working farm and play in the dirt, so we do expect you to come prepared to get your hands dirty. Wear suitable clothing and closed toed shoes. Suntan lotion, bug spray and a refillable container for beverages are all things for you to bring. We will provide you with gardening gloves, and will have tools on the farm for you to use according to the task you are assigned. 

Can children volunteer? 

Generally we find that younger children don't do well out in the fields without a parent or guardian and can accidentally pull something that is not a weed. If you would like to explore the farm with your child you may want to come on a weekend and visit our farm shop, we also will have tours starting in late spring/early summer that are suitable for children.  

General Age Requirements for Volunteers

  • 12+ with guardian 
  • 16+ without guardian, guardian approval required 
  • 18+ come on down!

Do I need to Sign a Volunteer Waiver Form? 

We do require you to sign a volunteer waiver form before you volunteer for the season. For convenience, we have provided you with one when you fill out our volunteer sign up form. 

Are there volunteer opportunities that do not require farm or physical labor?

We may have events during the year where we need help with all sorts of things like setting tables, food prep, serving, ticket tables, and clean up. If you have any special talents like photography, painting, sewing, computer work, electrical or construction, carpentry, teaching or anything else you think you could help with let us know in our volunteer sign up form.   

How do I stay in the loop about volunteer opportunities? 

When you sign up for our volunteer program we will send out email newsletters letting you know about any upcoming projects. We will also reach out to you on any tasks that you had shown interest in.