To our valuable CSA Members

Kaitlin and I wanted to let you know about a few changes we are making to our current CSA program and why we are making these changes. We know this will be a long read, but by supporting our farm you have become part of our story and we want to keep you up to date.

If you are wanting to know just about the upcoming changes please see anything highlighted with BOLD FONT. All of these changes will start effective September 5th 2022. 

For those who have been with us since the beginning, you know that Kaitlin and I started growing our own food because we are passionate about local food systems, and the health of our family. What started as a goal to feed our family delicious, nutrient dense food & reducing our waste and carbon footprint, has expanded into our community through a CSA program. 

As we expanded, we transitioned the farm to being run by a wonderful farm team, instead of just Kaitlin and I. This has allowed us to enjoy our family and the food produced by our farm and allows me to work my full-time career to help support, along with the support of our members,  the necessary investments that occur with farming to provide you with a great service.

Our current CSA program supports a team of 11 workers who are passionate about regenerative agriculture and the local food system. This team is employed year round, where our goal is to pay them living wages, provide vacation time and a work environment that allows them to pursue their passion, implement new systems and continue their education in all aspects of regenerative agriculture.

Our team works diligently to bring you local, sustainable, healthy food, while leaving the earth a better place. As owners, we have never taken a salary or any money from the farm. Instead, we enjoy supplying our community with local goods. When the farm has been short on money, operated at a loss, or needed an injection of cash, we have happily done it. This has always been about growing clean food, and providing a sustainable solution for the world while creating a place for passionate people to foster a farm and food system they can be proud of.

We know that our members care deeply about what we do, and that the food we consume matters. 

While farming always comes with its own difficulties, this season has been increasingly difficult. With the addition of inflation and the labor shortage we have had to personally invest more into the farm this season than ever.  We recently had to make the hard decision to shutter our compost program as, despite the value it brought our community, we could not continue to fund it at a loss.

Given the extreme losses this year, we’ve taken time to assess how to keep the program open for the folks who want to share in our mission, and who are passionate about local food and decreasing all of our footprint.

We are asking for your help to get back to the core of why we are doing what we do with these changes. This way we can still be able to provide you with the service and products you’ve come to expect. 

Pictured: Jess, Anna, Katie, Shanda, Jon, Taylor, Allison, Lauren, MK & Olive

Lauren leading a class on bees

Allie taking soil samples for us to test earlier this season

Upcoming Changes to our Program


We have always loved the idea of bringing local food and products to our customers' doors while reducing any unnecessary waste that is created through our CSA. We have always asked our customers to leave a cooler out for our drivers to place their CSA items into. 

We have also offered our customers to be part of our BLUE BAG EXCHANGE PROGRAM for $7. The one time cost to you for this service is what we incur when we purchase an insulated bag. 

While we understand life can get busy, we have always handled our cooler policy casually and have “honor systemd” when a customer has not put out something to place our CSA into and have loaned our cooler bags on these occasions.  Unfortunately, we have not had success with this policy and people returning our bags. We have ordered over 1200 blue bags, which costs us around $7000,  just this season to continue to be able to deliver to your homes. The difficulty in management of that system and the loss of so many bags has forced us to reconsider our blue bag swap policy. 

Effective immediately we will no longer complete your CSA delivery if you do not leave a cooler or a proper bag for us to leave your CSA in. This includes anyone who is in our bag exchange program if they forget to leave our bag out for exchange. In this case, we will donate the CSA to a local food shelter, or someone in need, and we will not offer a credit or a refund for this. If you happen to have any of our bags currently in your home, we would greatly appreciate having them returned to us. You can leave them out on your delivery day or bring them by the farm on the weekend.


At this time, with our current team members and farm work necessary to support our farm, we are trying to streamline our CSA deliveries. While we appreciate all customers who choose to support us further through additional sales online we are having to put a pause on accepting online add-on sales.

Our farm shop will continue to be open for you to come down on weekends to shop. We hope this allows our team to get closer with our members through face to face interactions. We also think it’s a great opportunity for you to visit our farm and see how we grow. Our farm shop is open Saturday and Sundays from 10AM-2PM for you to shop at your convenience.


Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to support custom subscriptions of additional items that were once available through our CSA add on store. We will be reaching out to any customers with these subscriptions to remove them from your billing cycle.

With us streamlining our CSA deliveries and getting back to the core of what we do,  we will no longer be able to make substitution requests. 

Regenerative agriculture, and farming in general, is driven by the season and reverence for our land and pastures. Along with our local growers our ability to consistently stock various produce items, and pasture raised meats is limited to the season and our storage space. You can expect in your CSA a variety of beef, pork and poultry in a cadence determined by optimal growth periods.

Cattle, which are resilient and easiest on pasture, are grown and processed year round, which makes beef a staple throughout our CSA. Poultry, like chicken and turkey, are only grown between March and July, with local processing finishing in fall. You will see poultry usually featured in our CSA between these times. Our pork is grown throughout summer, and starts to be processed in fall. Pasture raised hogs can be hard on our land, and winters can be hard on them, so we move them out for processing before winter sets in. In fall and throughout winter you can expect to see more of our world class pork in your CSA.  We do our best to keep these items in stock by growing more and working with local partners who have the same practices as us, but with limited space and our focus on local and fresh, there are times we do not have every item in stock. Our gardens, and our local growers, also focus on soil health and nutrition. By choosing to farm organically we focus on crop rotation to help reduce pest and disease pressure and to not deplete nutrients from the land in our planting plans. Due to this, we can only grow so many different types of plants. We focus on delicious, nutritious, exciting produce choices, and care deeply about what we put into your CSA. 

Due to this, substitution requests have become increasingly difficult to fulfill. We work hard at giving you the best products in each CSA, and hope you continue on the food adventure of eating locally grown produce and the best pasture raised proteins with us. We have updated our newsletters to include storage tips for the produce received, and even more recipes for you and your families to enjoy. 


Unlike many other CSA’s we have offered our customers the ability to skip a bi-delivery without any limitations. The frequent skips on short notice has made it difficult for our team and local partners to know what to grow week to week, creates waste and has become difficult to manage.

As we believe that our relationship is a partnership which allows us to forecast demand and provide you with high quality products, we are hoping that you understand we can no longer support skipping a CSA.

Instead, we will treat it similar to our sustainable delivery policy and donate the CSA to someone in need. We also are happy to suggest to share the bounty and have a friend leave a cooler on your porch to enjoy the products while you are away.

We appreciate your kindness and understanding, but most importantly your support over the last several years as we work together to provide you with locally grown foods, created in the most natural way possible.

If you have questions, please comment on our facebook post that brought you to this page, I (Donovan) will be happy to answer what I can.

The Duncans