The Farmstead Market

Our very own farmers market here at the farm. Here you can shop all of our pasture raised USDA grade processed meats, pasture raised chicken eggs, and produce from our gardens and other local farms. 

We believe in collaboration and not competition, so you will also find local artisan goods, and other farm produce also highlighted in our shop. From local Alabama goat, cow and sheep cheeses. Local sheep caramels, micro-batch jams & preserves, locally roasted coffee, to even handcrafted kitchen utensils. We partner with only those who share the same values and high quality standards as we do at the farm. 

A great way to learn where your produce and meats come from, a day spent at the farm beats any day in the grocery store. 

The Farmstead Market is currently open Saturdays and Sundays from 10-2. 

Please note that holidays or severe inclement weather may change these hours.