Visit Duncan Farms

Welcome to Duncan Farms, a small 60 acre family owned farm located just outside of Huntsville, Alabama in Gurley. Our goal is to demonstrate how small-scale farms ( our current gardens are 1 acre of our 60 acre land) that focus on regenerative and sustainable practices can provide the local community with high-quality, nourishing food in a sustainable food system. 

Our farm model incorporates holistic land management principles, permaculture design and using what we refer to as 'beyond organic' methods when it comes to the management of our livestock and produce.  By utilizing a polyculture production system while designing our growing schedule focusing on crop rotation, biodiversity and soil nutrition we believe we are not only creating a sustainable food source for the local community, but one full of nutrition and delicious food! 

We would love for those who visit to learn about our practices, and walk away from our farm seeing the importance of growing and creating a more ecological and nourishing food system in Alabama. 

We are recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as a certified wildlife habitat.  This focusses on our biodiverse forest surrounding our farm as it provides the essential elements of wildlife habitats; food, water, cover, places to raise young, in a sustainable way. 

While here you can visit The Farmstead Market, our farm shop here at the farm. Here you can purchase our pasture raised proteins, sustainably grown produce and local artisan goods. The Farmstead Market is currently open on Saturday and Sundays from 10-2.   You can also support what we do here by becoming a CSA member. 

We also provide private tours here at the farm for groups of 10 or more. Book a private tour today.