Dandelion Greens

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Packed with vitamin A, K and calcium dandelion greens have a similar flavor profile to arugula or radicchio. Great in salads they provide a peppery, herb like bitterness. While they do have a bitter aspect to them they pair amazingly well with heavy fatty foods like steaks. Trim the leaves and boil them in water to par cook before you saute them. 

You wil receive 1 bunch. 

Please note these are harvestable for our CSA members to purchase as add-ons for CSA deliveries April 25-29. 

You are free to purchase any time as a CSA member, just note that availability is subject to change week to week, especially produce. We will do our best to fulfill any orders bought as we can, but please try and buy during your CSA week. 

Check back frequently for updated harvest dates.