Living Microgreens from Sweet City Micros

Living Microgreens from Sweet City Micros

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Microgreens are any edible plant harvested within 7 to 21 days old. Microgreens are up to 40x more nutrition dense than their mature counter parts!

Microgreens are typically sold pre-cut and bagged, but Sweet City Micros provides you with living microgreens. This means they will stay fresh longer, and you can receive the most nutrients from the plant when you harvest.

Sweet City Micros is a locally owned and grown business. They do not use any herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers. They are grown hydroponically using non-GMO seeds and filtered water. 

How to keep your living microgreens fresh
  • Keep your micros on the counter in a flat dish with water in the bottom
  • Water micros each day or every other day
  • Water your micros from underneath only, never from above (this will cause mold)
  • The white hairs at the beginning of the pad are NOT mold, they are the beginning of the root system
  • To harvest, cut above the root line

Please note these are harvestable for our CSA members to purchase as add-ons for CSA deliveries July 25-August 1.
You are free to purchase any time as a CSA member, just note that availability is subject to change week to week, especially produce. We will do our best to fulfill any orders bought as we can, but please try and buy during your CSA week. 

Check back frequently for updated harvest dates.