Outpost Blend Coffee- Ground or Whole Bean 8oz

Outpost Blend Coffee- Ground or Whole Bean 8oz

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What is the Foundry?

The Foundry Coffee Roasting Co. is a farm-to-cup specialty coffee roasting company based in Huntsville, Al with what we think are the BEST coffees you can buy locally. They source green coffee which positively impacts the farm communities and empowers them to serve a responsible cup, and they roast on the first, AND ONLY, commercial zero-emissions coffee roaster. They only buy green beans that pay living wages to the farmers growing by utilizing the Tip the Farmer Program. There is a story to share about the farmer behind every cup, and every coffee they sell is traceable to its place of origin. They partner with incredible importers and green buyers who travel to origin to develop direct relationships with farmers so that they can provide you access to the people who grow the coffee and share their stories on their online marketplace. You can learn about the farm, family, and operation, as well as what they care about when it comes to their own business on The Foundry's website.

Tasting Notes
Vanilla, Chocolate, Brown Sugar 

8oz | Light Roast | Natural & Washed Process

More on the Foundry and Why We Partner with Them

In their effort for roasting coffee sustainably and their comittement to creating a global community of supporting farmers directly, The Foundry, has a threefold sustainability promise. They focus on:

Economic Sustainability with their participation in the Tip the Farmer Program.

Social Sustainability by building relationships with producers, enabling them to help address the issues related to coffee sustainability. By partnering with their parent company, Alchemy LLC and Choose Water they have adopted a village in Mazhula in Zambia in August 2019. With the help of donations and proceeeds from their "products of Change" line, they will be able to help provide clean water and and personal support to the villagers in Mazhula. 

Enviromental Sustainability The Foundry's retail packaging is now fully compostable. It is more than just an aesthetic representation of their brand. It is a message to customers that they take their enviromental impact seriously and continously look for ways in which they can minimize this act as much as possible. 

Their coffee roaster runs on 100% renewable energy and reduces the carbon footprint of roasting coffee by an average of 90%. 

They also partner with the "The Huntsville Green Intiative" powered by our very own Huntsville Compost. This intiative focusses on reducing food waste, creating stronger local soils, and stronger relationships with local farms.