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Paw paws are one of North America's few native fruit trees. They grow from the great lakes in Canada all they way down to portions of the Florida Pan Handle. Affectionally known as custard apple, pawpaws have a wonderful exotic flavor.

Fruits are three to six inches long, have green skin and black spots. Flesh is pale to bright yellow with a network of glossy black seeds. Often described as a mixture of banana, mango and custard in flavor. The best way to enjoy this rare fruit is to rip it open, slurp the pulp and spit out the seeds. Due to a number of factors, including the invention of big agriculture and development, paw paw trees have become more rare. The fruit easily bruise, and have a short shelf life, making it undesireable in grocery stores.

But the rare flavor of a native fruit is well worth it! We have a very small amount of pawpaws that we planted on farm as part of our food system, and will have very limited amounts of this fruit available. 

Please note these are harvestable for our CSA members to purchase as add-ons for CSA deliveries  August 8-10.
You are free to purchase any time as a CSA member, just note that availability is subject to change week to week, especially produce. We will do our best to fulfill any orders bought as we can, but please try and buy during your CSA week. 

Check back frequently for updated harvest date