True Ewe Bourbon Vanilla - Dayspring Dairy

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We are excited to be carrying award winning Day Spring Dairy Caramels. They are the first licensed sheep dairy and producer of sheep milk cheeses in Alabama. Sheep graze lush native pastures year round producing milk with unique flavor profiles. They never use pesticides or commercial fertilizer on their pastures. Likewise, their sheep are never given hormones.  Winner of a 2016 Southern Living Food Award!

Caramel lovers rejoice! True Ewe Vanilla Bean Caramel spread is made in the style of a classic Dulce de Leche by slowly simmering fresh milk with raw turbinado sugar. Made from wonderful sheep milk, raw turbinado sugar and vanilla beans. Customers enjoy the depth of flavor and creaminess the sheep milk brings.

Ingredients: Sheep milk, turbinado sugar, vanilla bean, glucose syrup, baking soda

10 ounces

2 year shelf life unopened, keep refridgerated once open.